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Customized Marketing and Portfolio Management Solutions

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The Platform for Smarter Advertising

Unify all of your data for a transparent path to revenue, simplify cross-publisher workflow, and optimize campaign performance with best-in-class bidding algorithms.

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MarketFast Services

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Portfolio Management

  • Track all vendors and partners in an easy and readable weekly report.

  • We'll take care of the relations and analyze which partnership to grow or minimize.

Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Your company will have a seasoned dedicate digital marketing touchpoint to expand your market reach by 30%.

  • Have a visible report on every digital channel and a trackable spend vs. ROI.


  • Have your company advertised on vital channels that are tailored to your brand and needs.

  • Maximize your ROI with customized advertising campaigns.

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  • Receive a weekly analysis about your company's current position and situation.

  • Have a weekly to monthly report on how to improve your company's sales by upwards of 45%.

Inventory Control

  • Have a hands on team to manage all inventory across the board.

  • Know what inventory has high demand and which ones are not in a weekly report.

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Boost your sales by expanding your traffic across all platforms and channels


Digital Marketing Agency powered by proven, best-in-class Data Science technology. An extension to your in-house marketing team. Sit back and relax while we show you our magic!


Capture every intent and grow! Achieve efficiency for your top terms and scale with long tail keywords.


Win the zero moment of truth! Continuously optimize product feed using Intelligent Shopping management. Designed to grow sales for Retail and eCommerce companies.

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