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We make customized and personalized services based on your needs and budget. Each of our 4 services are solutions we offer to grow your traffic and sales continuously, month over month, as well as to help you get to market fast.

Services: Services


Receive a weekly to monthly analysis via meeting and a report on all major data points that affects your company. The consultation will cover your company's current standpoint, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and most importantly, solutions. Based on your needs, our solutions can formulated on a step by step strategy for you.


Digital Marketing

Establish your online presence through our SEO and SEM strategies and tactics. Start ranking your website on page 1 with numerous keywords. We'll drive your traffic and revenue up by over 300% and monitor its continuous growth.

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Offline marketing is crucial for brand growth. We plan, strategize, and execute on all advertising channels for you. From radio ads to city-wide posters and decals, expect to see your company every where you go with your brand recognition skyrocketing.


Portfolio Management

Keep a weekly tab on all your partners, vendors, and markets. We'll make sure to fulfill all your vendors and partners needs, keep in-line with contracts on both sides, and maintain a strong relationship. We will keep track of which portfolio can grow in terms of strategic partnerships where higher sales are possible.


Inventory Control

Inventory control is one of the most tedious daily tasks in a day to day operation. With our experience in managing hundreds of accounts across North America, we are confident we can lessen your burden in inventory control. Not only do we manage your inventory, we will also give you a report on each account's status.

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